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Eco-Spiritual Reiki Healing

Equal Earth and Eco-Spiritual Reiki

"Thinking makes you feel better if it's about a good and just cause."

Felix Leisinger, Founder of Equal Earth

We are inviting you to experience a Reiki healing session in support of the environmental goals of Equal Earth.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a method of natural healing based on the application of Universal Life Force Energy. Energy healing involves direct application of Chi for the purpose of strengthening the energy system. Chi is an ancient Chinese term used to express the underlying force the Universe is made of. Reiki is capable of healing anything because it works at very fundamental levels of reality.

Reiki for Personal and Environmental Health

Reiki's primary effect is to balance physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person to arrive at a state of optimal health. Reiki energy has an equilibrating effect on all forms of illness which are fundamentally caused by blockages, lack of communication and excessive conditions in the health of a person. Reiki is a force which restores all it touches to the state of holistic balance, naturally harmonizing the health of a person in accord with the laws of the universe.

There is a direct correlation between this microcosm of the human body and the macrocosm of the planet earth. A state of excess, imbalance or a lack of harmony is an illness in the environment just as it is in the body. The boundary between humans and the natural world is an artificial disruption which has created the severe illness we see in the environment today. To heal our bodies and minds in accord with the environment is to begin to heal the environment. The harmony we create in ourselves spreads out to create harmony and health in the environment through our actions and our concern for the health of future generations. We should recognize that the body we depend on for health extends outwards from ourselves into the entire ecosystem.

How is the Reiki Energy Sent?

Reiki is not limited by distance in its ability to reach the intended recipient. Reiki energy is directed towards the essence or identity of a person, this is where it makes contact with the energy body and begins to flow.

How Does Reiki Feel?

As the Reiki enters your energy body you may feel sensations of warmth, coolness, lightness or tingling. Memories, intuitive thoughts or images may flow through your mind. Emotions may come to the surface. You may feel sensations in the areas of your body associated with a condition you may have. The effect might not be as you expect for sometimes the causes for a condition have complex roots in mind and body.

What Can Reiki Treat?

Reiki can treat any physical or psychological condition no matter how small. Reiki can also be used to enhance personal growth, inspiration, relaxation and to maintain your present health. Reiki can be used alongside any medical practice and it can do no harm. It is a gentle healer, that works within limits of comfort and safety. However, please do not use Reiki as a complete substitute for traditional medical care for serious, unknown or especially life threatening conditions.

Request a Reiki Session

Please make a donation to Equal Earth by requesting any choice of these affordable Reiki treatment sessions. Half of your payment will directly support the environmental efforts of Equal Earth. With your treatment you will also receive an inspirational introduction to the Reiki healing modality and the aims of Equal Earth, including an enlarged image of a Van Xilef painting.

15 Minute Reiki Session
UK Pounds
US Dollars
30 Minute Reiki Session
UK Pounds
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We thank you for your donation to Equal Earth.

"Not knowing that the continually increasing number of humans on the planet already massively exceeds the total number of all major mammals still surviving is the cause of ongoing fauna and flora extermination and fellow species extinctions."

Felix Leisinger, Founder of Equal Earth