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How You Can Help

"Do to others what you would have them do to you."

Bible, Matthew 7:12

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If you think that it is wrong that Polar Bears are dying out because global warming - which humans cause - melts away their natural habitat; Chimpanzees, Tigers, Bears, Wolves and thousands of other species are becoming extinct because of massive deforestation; All major African mammals such as Lions, Cheetahs, Leopards, Rhinos, Giraffes, Elephants are disappearing because ever more humans steal their land to grow cash crops which they export to finance the imports of inedible hardware from CDs to motor vehicles in a vicious spiral of planet-destruction.

Here is your chance to do something positive about it.

  1. Please apply to become a Volunteer of www.equalearth.org

  2. Create your own local group of www.equalearth.org Volunteers

Now you can help us make www.equalearth.org succeed in making the planet Earth a better place for all. You can either help us locally, nationally or internationally through personal intervention and mobilisation of family, friends and acquaintances. You can do this through your school, college, university, workplace, church, sports or leisure clubs or by mobilising people via the internet and wherever there is an opportunity:

  1. To set up a local, national and worldwide grassroots movement of volunteers who spread the message and vision of www.equalearth.org with a view to finding long-term sponsors and donors; remember every contribution however small helps and many small donations eventually make up the big sums that are needed to buy up as much land as possible to hand back to Nature and Wildlife habitat.

  2. Find and approach high profile stars and personalities to associate and to commit themselves to the objectives of www.equalearth.org and promote our message.

  3. Look for and approach or become fundraisers who can introduce the global vision of www.equalearth.org to major corporations, governments, sponsors, donors and high net worth individuals and induce them to contribute from one single dollar to hundreds if not thousands of millions of dollars so we can buy up the last areas of land on the planet that have not as yet been confiscated/eradicated by humans, i.e. deforested, soil eroded, desertified, polluted, contaminated with waste, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other agri-chemicals that make up our food and urbanised conurbations. So that we can then restore this land to its original natural habitat devoid of destructive human interference to recreate a natural balance of bio-diversity. This will reduce global warming, the effects of pollution, stabilise climate and weather patterns, preserve vital photosynthesis, sustain water tables and acquifers and give the two million fellow species with whom we share the planet a chance to survive and co-exist.

  4. To establish local and national committees of committed people who will be acting as volunteer Trustees and Board members to EqualEarth.

Every thinking person and every scientist knows the planet today is like the sinking Titanic (yes some are still blissfully ignorant and ensconced in their self-satisfied, self-righteous megalomanias on the top deck, promoting growth and taking on more passengers). We still have a chance to repair the damage to prevent the ship from sinking. All finance in the world is made from damaging the planetary spaceship - thus it makes sense and is in everybody's self-interest to give back as much as possible to keep our spaceship Earth and its bio-diversity afloat.

Everybody is affected regardless of creed, race, wealth or gender - if we don't get on with it now we'll all go down. Yet there is still just time to prevent it.

Nature/Forests, Animals/Wildlife were our neighbours but humans have made war on them and driven them into ever smaller ghettos. EQUALEARTH says it is time that humans look after the planet in the same way as they care for their own homes and respect the rights and property of their neighbours.

That's our goal. You can assist in achieving this global task before the whole planet is a polluted, contaminated, wastelaid, concrete, brick, tarmac, steel and glass covered desert. Most cities already are as bad and humans wonder why they suffer from cancer, respiratory and pulmonary illnesses and other diseases. The grim fact is that less than 10% of humans die from old age and more than 50,000 die every day from hunger despite the fact that humans exterminate ever more bio-diversity/animals in the search for food. More than 36 million animals are slaughtered every day for meat. As Nobel prize winner Isaac Singer said: "In relation to Animals all people are worse than Nazis; for the Animals it's an eternal Treblinka".

To that www.equalearth.org replies: "let's give animals their fair share of the planet back" because in bio-diversity lies our own survival.

We invite you to sign up now as a Volunteer and become part of the global Equal Earth mission.

Kind regards
Felix Leisinger
Founder of www.equalearth.org

"Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind."

John Fitzgerald Kennedy