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"The idea of Wilderness needs no defence. It only needs defenders. Remaining silent about the destruction of Nature is an endorsement of that destruction."

Edward Abbey

David Day, The Eco Wars (Harrap, London 1989)
"I suggest we construct a pyramid from the coffins of those who are killed in the ecology wars in just one year....
The Eco Wars Pyramid
  1. At the peak of the pyramid we place coffins of the most conspicuous casualties: the scores of conservationists who are murdered outright for their stand against the destruction of the environment and other species.

  2. Next we have the coffins of the hundreds of tribal people who are massacred because they occupy and protect wilderness lands which others wish to exploit.

  3. Beneath these are the thousands of coffins of those drowned in the many floods which directly result from ruthless cutting-down of mountain forests.

  4. Then we come to the tens of thousands of coffins of those who die through chemical poisoning, toxic waste pollution, atomic radiation and industrial fires and explosions.

  5. Further below are the coffins of those who die in droughts and famines brought on by farming and grazing methods which result in soil erosion and desertification.

  6. Finally we come to the massive base of the pyramid. It is built of over twenty-five million coffins for those people who are killed through drinking and using polluted water."

EQUAL EARTH is the brainchild of Felix Leisinger, born in Switzerland of Swiss/French parentage. After studies in Switzerland Felix Leisinger lived for more than 35 years on his family country estate in Kent in England and in his flat in the Marais of Paris, France.

Today he lives in Spain for health reasons.

For more than twenty years he was preoccupied with a comprehensive analysis of global socio-economic-ecological problems. Simultaneously he studied Sartre's La Nausée in which he discovered and recognised Sartre's exposure of the unsustainability of growth. Sartre's deep ecological affinity and concern is expressed in this paragraph from his book:

"Mais, au moment de passer à la postérité, ils s'étaient confiés à un peintre en renom pour qu'il opérât discrètement sur leur visage ces dragages, ces forages, ces irrigations, par lesquels, tout autour de Bouville, ils avaient transformé la mer et les champs. Ainsi, avec le concours de Renaudas et de Bordurin, ils avaient asservi toute la Nature: hors d'eux et en eux-mêmes."

Sarte, La Nausée, Gallimard, 1938

English translation:

"But, on the point of passing on to posterity, they had entrusted themselves to a celebrated painter so that he should discreetly carry out on their faces the dredging, drilling, and irrigation by which, all around Bouville, they had transformed the sea and the fields. Thus, with the help of Renaudas and Bordurin, they had enslaved the whole of Nature; outside themselves and in themselves."

Sartre, Nausea, Penguin Books, 1949

Sartre was perhaps the first philosopher to uncover the destruction of the ecological balance through self-serving, ego-centric human activities that in reality have only one objective, namely to glorify the perpetrators for posterity. As if humans had no other quality that could be passed on to future generations than that which could be demonstrated in visible structures and consequential eco-system destruction. Sartre also was probably the first philosopher who understood and criticised the meaningless reproduction of humans as a consequence of short-term physical attraction and intercourse which in turn drives the expanding activities which have destabilised the global eco-system. The global quantum imbalance has caused the relentless disappearance of Nature, in particular forests and natural wildlife habitat and fellow animals. It is not a question of not having children. It is a question of how many children can have a meaningful, happy and contented life within a global community of fellow species that includes all life.

Today's children are victims of our improvidence, our recklessness and our limitless growth ideology. Felix Leisinger advocates free contraception for all, free abortion on demand, the parental licence with a minimum age of 30 years and a global one child per couple policy for thirty years to reduce the current unsustainable human over-population to what it was in 1950, i.e. about 2500 million. This would allow us to concentrate on repairing the planetary eco-system instead of destroying what's left of it.

Sarte says:

"Ils ont trainé leur vie dans l'engourdissement et le demi-sommeil, ils se sont mariés précipitamment, par impatience, et ils ont fait des enfants au hasard."

Sartre, La Nausée, Gallimard, 1938

English translation:

"They have dragged out their lives in stupor and somnolence, they have married in a hurry, out of impatience, and they have made children at random."

Sartre, Nausea, Penguin Books, 1949

Since Sartre wrote La Nausée more than 5,000 million additional humans have been born and overcrowd the planet. More having been born than were ever alive before. Since the second world war human over-population and its consequential activities to feed, house, clothe, employ, transport, entertain and defend its growing masses has caused more environmental damage than the previous one million years of human existence. The rights of the 2,5 million major fellow species that inhabit the planet with humans and which together form a global inter-dependent eco-system have been totally usurped. Those that have not been exterminated are gradually dying out as their habitat is confiscated, colonised, invaded and urbanised or agrified under the pretext of human rights.

Despite two thousand years of "civilisation", all the scientific, technological, cultural and intellectual/philosophical advances humans have failed to understand the direct linkage and inter-dependence between all life. Humans cannot sustain their existence without an equitable balance with Nature and their fellow species.

Every day the media report crimes and accidents killing a few people while ignoring the irrefutable fact that more than 50,000 humans die every day* from malnutrition (up from 12,000 a day since 1971) while 70% of the world's grains are fed to feedlot animals for meat production – yet it does not occur to anyone to query the irrationality of reproducing more than an additional 200,000 humans every day as if to deliberately keep the destructive inequity prospering. Because indeed millions are now making a comfortable, prosperous, self-satisfied, self-righteous living out of the misery, starvation, deprivation, exploitation of the additional victims they condone if not promote being born every day. Those who say humans should revert to vegetarianism so that the grains now fed to the feedlots can be given to the starving humans forget that this would not remedy the imbalance of human over-proliferation and Nature, Wildlife and Habitat destruction.

*Swiss Bank Corporation (now UBS) Der Monat November 1996

These and many other considerations have led Felix Leisinger to develop the concept of an EQUAL EARTH where the planet is shared equitably between all life. He has attended many conferences and symposiums and spoken out against human over-proliferation and destruction of rainforests and the natural wildlife habitat in the context of socio-economic and religious repercussions. After study visits to Nepal, Myanmar, India, Japan, Australia, Sri Lanka Felix Leisinger has lectured all over the world including at the following venues:

1991 at the World Peace Centenary in Helsinki where Felix Leisinger declared that "There can be no peace on Earth until Humans have made peace with Nature and Fellow Species."

1992 at the European Parliament "Towards a New Democratic World Order through Communities of Nations"

1992 at the Postgraduate Faculty of Religion Helsinki University "Religion and Nature"

1992 Sri Lanka lecture at the Centre for Society and Religion Colombo

1993 at the World Futures Studies Federation World Conference in Turku Finland

1993 United Nations Volunteers world Conference Moscow, USSR

1993 at the World Optimum Population Congress at Cambridge University, England

1993 Prof. Dr. Patnaik lecture to the postgraduate faculty of Ravenshaw College in Cuttack, India

1993 lecture tour of the state of Orissa at the invitation of the Orissa Government India. His article The Global Economics of Apartheid published in the Calcutta Times. Interview by the Editor in Chief of the Sunday Times published.

1994 at the United Nations IDNDR Conference on Natual Disaster Reduction in Yokohama Japan

1994 Lecture given at the World Social Workers World conference in Sri Lanka

1996 at the World Futures Studies Federation conference in Nairobi, Kenya

1996 Felix Leisinger visited the Masai Mara in Kenya. The peaceful co-existence of large numbers of predators and prey within the relatively small protected habitat of only 15,000 km2 convinced him that it is essential to save more forests and natural habitat to guarantee the survival of as many species as possible.

1999 Lecture given on "Global Macroeconomics and the survival of the species" at the International Colloqium on Buddhism and the future of Humanity in Chittagong, Bangladesh

1999 Study trip to the world's oldest rain forest in Taman Negara in Malaysia, crossing the forest on foot and realising how much it has shrunk and is shrinking from illegal logging activitiy. No sign of any remaining wildlife of any kind even in the deepest part of the ancient forest other than leeches.

2003 at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre Brazil "The Mato Grosso was part of the Amazon rainforest until it was "developed" into a giant beef cattle ranch/agri-factory that is suffering from droughts on one hand and floods on the other causing ever more soil degradation/erosion."

2003 Study trip to the Pantanel the world's largest wetland now also the world's most densely farmed beef factory with 15 million cattle. Everyone is encouraged to go fishing Pirhanas which are overpopulating the rivers because the crocodiles - their natural predators - are hunted to extinction by the cattle ranchers.

Having met and spoken to many seriously concerned scientists, experts and environmentally conscious people from all walks of life Felix Leisinger realised that everything has been said and done that can be said and done yet rainforest, wildlife and natural habitat destruction accelerates unabated. He has come to the conclusion that there is only one way to stem the tide and that is to employ the same means that are now destroying the forests and natural habitat to preserve and regenerate them.

If an equal amount of money can be raised as that which is now flowing into forest and habitat destructive construction, industrialisation, urbanisation and infrastructure we can buy up, preserve and regenerate forests and natural habitat to balance out the current unsustainable imbalance.

The thought ripened in Finland when he went for a walk outside Turku and noted in his diary: "I felt like I was inhaling mineral water, the air being so fresh and pure and at just the right level of humidity to make you feel utterly elated."

Knowing what scientists had already told him that the Scandinavian forests are under acute threat of global warming in that they will die if the Earth warms by more than 2º degrees centigrade - which is a likely event this century - he decided that immediate action was imperative. Global warming is directly connected with the unsustainable global activities of ever more humans and we can only counteract it if we preserve, regenerate and restore as much rainforest and natural habitat as possible to act as a carbon dioxide sink to absorb the greenhouse gases that are now threatening our own human existence.

There are more than 2000 billion dollars hoarded in the secret Swiss bank accounts alone - just ten per cent of this money could save the planet if it were used to buy up, regenerate and preserve today's remnants and former rainforests and natural wildlife habitats.

This is our purpose, our objective and our intention. It is essential that ultimately every human participates in the achievement of this goal.

Felix Leisinger says: "What is the point of being a millionaire on a desertified planet where there is nothing to buy but sand?" He has no doubt in his mind that billions of years ago humans inhabited the planet Mars where evidence of former water presence has been discovered. Those Martians extinguished their existence just as we are doing by wiping out our life support system. When the ozone layer which now protects the Earth is wiped out from our pollution which is no longer diminshed by the rainforests and natural wildlife habitat we will suffer the same consequences. We may assume the right to self-destruct. But we do not have the right to destroy Fellow species and Nature.

Felix Leisinger queries the wisdom of creating DNA banks of species that are about to be exterminated as a result of humans taking over or destroying and polluting their rightful natural habitat. Even if such species can be recreated from DNA where are they to prosper if their natural habitat has been wiped out? Would it not be kinder to let them rest in peace rather than revive species to subsist in cages for human entertainment or research. If we want to save our fellow species we must share the global eco-system and give all of them their fair share.

Felix Leisinger is available as a speaker on the subject and you may contact him via the EQUAL EARTH email.

The erstwhile International President of the World Wildlife Fund HRH The Duke of Edinburgh has twice sent a letter of thanks to Felix Leisinger for his work.

"Government is too big and too important to be left to the politicians."

Chester Bowles